SP Timeline


  • Booking

    • The Booking fee is between 5-10% (normally is 5% and has to be in cash) 
    • The Option To Purchase (O.T.P) will be issued on the same day by developer.
  • Sale & Purchase Agreement (S&P)

    • Within 14 days (from date of O.T.P) the triplicate S&P will be delivered to buyer or appointed lawyer.
  • Exercise & Confirmed the Purchase

    • Within 21 days (from date of S&P) buyer need to sign the S&P and return  to developer. 
    • Within 14 days will receive a signed copy from developer. 
  • Stamp Duty & ABSD

      • With 14 days, buyer needs to pay the BSD & ABSD (if any) from date of exercised the S&P.
      • Can use CPF or Cash.


  • Remaining Payment

    • The whole S&P PROCESS take around 8 weeks from date of the OTP 1st issued, and buyer need to pay the remaining 15% within this 8 weeks from date of OTP 1st issued.
    • Buyer needs to make progressive payment depend on their Loan LTV.